WOW! This has been an exasperating almost 11 months for the Senior Social Center. Our first, and most important mission is to create socialization opportunities for our members.

That has been extremely difficult with the safer at home orders. We've moved from our home of nearly five years to our new home at the Chamber, Visitors, Sportsman new adventure center in the historic Yampa Building at 750 Yampa Ave.

The move was a huge undertaking and with help of our members and supporters it happened rather smoothly.

It was tough losing our Center Coordinator, Jannette Harris, after nearly two years in July.

We were on total lock down for eight weeks and as of January 15 we are still closed. Yet with the vaccine now being administered now here in Craig and the addition of Rebekah Greenwood as our Executive director we have a renewed sense of optimism and hope for the future. With patience and faith we will soon be open for all those things we've been missing.

We've come along way from the grassroots organization started by a simple conversation of three, then seven and then meetings of ten, 20 then 35 and now more than 300 members of local adults that plan to retire here in Craig & Moffat County.

This magical, wonderful place in the beautiful and the ever so awesome corner of the world we call home. We began and continue to thrive and grow always working diligently to find a permanent gathering place for active seniors, a place for seniors to become active, grow and thrive socially, share, create and learn ever expanding our mission of aging in place in this perfect home.

We, like every non-profit that's mission is serving older adults, have experienced lots of change. The Covid 19 pandemic has had an impact on exactly how to actually be able to accomplish our mission in lock down. We are open to any suggestions to help our members socialize safely.

We've accomplished so much in the past few years and we thank each and everyone of you that helped along the way and also for hanging in there during this extremely trying time.

So now we extend the invitation to all that may not be 55 now and let you know you will get there someday! So join and help us create what you want to have when you are 55, 65, 75 or even 95!

Membership dues for those over 55 are currently $15 per year; those under 55 are $25 per year. Come join us for fun!

By Lois Wymore