WOW! We’ve come a long way from the grassroots organization started by a simple conversation of three, then seven and then meetings of ten, 20 then 35 and now more than 300 members of local adults that plan to retire here in Craig & Moffat County.

This magical, wonderful place in the beautiful and the ever so awesome corner of the world we call home.

We began and continue to thrive and grow always working
diligently to find a permanent gathering place for energetic seniors, a place for seniors to become active, grow and thrive socially, share, create and learn ever expanding our mission of aging in place in this perfect home.

For the past five years, with the support of Colorado Northwestern Community College, we’ve made a home at the old Bell Tower just to the west of Victory Motors on Colo Hwy 13 making good use of this old local icon of education for our Senior Social Center.

Starting with Coffee and Conversation, to the Tuesday Pinochle card group and the puzzle builders and some old fashion board game players to expanding age tailored exercise of Geri Fit, Circuit Training and Matter of Balance to our program list. We added AARP driving classes, a book club, cooking classes for 1 or 2 and now to art classes, Tai Chi, and Yoga, and Ballatties class. And for the past year we been partnering with Northwest Colorado Center of Independence, CSU Extension, CNCC Community Ed and several individuals to facilitate the Bell Tower Community Gardens.

There is still much more to do! So now we extend the invitation to all that may not be 55 now and let you know you’ll be there someday. So come join and help us create what you want to have when you are 55, 65, 75 or even 95!